About the company.


Digital Print Machines was setup in 2008 by an group of highly experienced individuals who have been working with Indigo Digital Press systems for many years, our team includes individuals who worked for the original Indigo company (before HP purchased it) and has experience of all the machines through the years. The team includes a number of HP trained engineers, software engineers, customer service and operations staff that work to provide the best possible service.

We also act as an agent for exporting HP Indigo Presses ensuring they are decommissioned correctly and packed for Worldwide transportation.

We work with out of contract end users, other press dealers who have clients that want an Indigo solution and directly with printers who would like to acquire a second user Indigo press. We work with clients to provide them all the options for running the press, most of the systems we provide are low impression count and could be put back onto an HP contract if required (subject to an inspection and agreement from HP).

Our offices and warehouses are based just North of London but we operate across the UK, Europe and Worldwide. In 2013, DPM exported more than a dozen Indigo systems to emerging markets and provided a range of after sales services.

We purchase used HP presses too, but only machines with a reasonable impression count and full service history.

We rarely compete with the manufacturer as we simply would not win but provide quality solutions at a price point that enables more print service providers gain access to an Indigo solutions. Many of these customers grow and in the future buy multiple solutions directly from HP.

Service and supplies must be purchased from the manufacturer.

When it happened

  • IPEX 93 to 2008

    From seeing the first Indigo press in 1993, operating one in 95, selling and supporting from 98 our team have over 20 years using the technology.

  • 2008

    Starting a business at the start of the financial crisis was risky but we quickly found opportunities to sell Series 1 and early Series 2 presses.

  • 2009

    Our knowledge and experience develops. Driven by several banks / financial companies we install a number of flagship 5X00 machines.

  • 2011

    DPM starts to export Indigo systems to Asia. We also expand our experience on digital workflow and web based application for print.

  • 2012

    By 2012 DPM is delivering quality second user solutions to clients located all over the UK.

  • 2016

    By 2016, Series 3 (7000 based) presses are becoming viable in the second user market. DPM’s skills develop to provide solutions and services on this engine.

  • 2018

    We start shipping WS6X00 label solutions to worldwide customers.

  • 2020

    As the pandemic hits globally, we ship a number of label solutions to customers providing solutions for healthcare.

The experienced team.

From being blown away seeing a demonstration Indigo digital press at IPEX93, members of our team soon started their journey working on one of the first machines to be delivered to a UK customer.